• Special Hida Beef Meal 飛驒牛づくし

    Sasara original deluxe meal includes five Hida Beef dishes such as roast beef, beef sushi, beef shabu-shabu, beef steak with miso sauce and the beef steak, using the highest grades of meat.Sasara originally created this Hida Beef course 25 years ago and has been the most popular cuisine in our hotel.

  • Sasara Standard Meal 味覚膳

    Handmade Japanese style meal using fresh ingredients of the seasons, including two prime quality Hida Beef dishes.
    Also “Ry û no Hitomi”, the local produced rice which everyone is talking about, is regarded the highest quality rice in Japan.

  • Reasonable Meal 湯ったり膳

    Japanese style meal including Hida Beef dish.

  • Reasonable Meal なっとく膳

    Seasonal Japanese style meal including Hida Beef and Hida Nattoku Pork.

  • Kid's meal お子様ランチ

    Sasara style Kid’s meal for children of preschool age.

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