Yurari Annex

Standard Plan (Weekday)

2people: 44,800 yen per person(Tax Excluded)
3people: 42,800 yen per person(Tax Excluded)
4people: 40,800 yen per person(Tax Excluded)

*Dinner and breakfast will be served at the Dining area. If you wish to have it at your room, reservation is needed in advance, and 5,000 yen will be added(Tax excluded).

  • Sasara Standard Meal 味覚膳 (Example)
  • Special Hida Beef Meal 飛驒牛づくし (Example)

Sasara Standard Meal 味覚膳

Hand made Japanese style meal using fresh ingredients of the seasons, includes two Hida Beef dishes.

*You can change the meal to special meal(Hida beef special) adding 3,900 yen per person(Tax excluded).

Special Hida Beef Meal 飛驒牛づくし

Sasara original deluxe meal includes five Hida Beef dishes such as roast beef, beef sushi, beef shabu-shabu, beef steak with miso sauce and the beef steak, using the highest grades of meat.
Sasara originally created this Hida Beef course 23 years ago and has been the most popular cuisine in our hotel.

Ryu no Hitomi

Ryu no Hitomi(Dragon Eyes)

"Ryu no Hitomi"(Dragon Eyes) is the rice which everyone is taking about. This miracle rice has been found in the 12th year of Heisei (2000) at Gero area and now it’s regarded as one of the highest quality rice in Japan.
Size of grain is 1.5 times bigger than famous prime rice. It awarded winner contests on rice taste evaluation for four years continuously, hence also being used at the First class meal of Japanese international flight.
It will be freshly steamed by an earthenware pot, moreover even if the rice become cold, still the ravishing taste is enjoyable.

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